March 2, 2020

March 2, 2020 Native American Oracle Cards by Laura Tuan & Kaya Walker

The Shaman

“True freedom comes through self-knowledge and discipline, an understanding of the world, and compassion or service for others.”

I believe we all have an Inner Shaman, a wiser element to our conscious being. This higher wisdom takes in the full breadth of our life experiences, integrates our Spirit with our thoughts, helps us find a place to put our experiences and interactions and then acts to navigate us through life. I like to call it Divine. This week, we are being challenged with a new awareness: How often are we connecting with Divine? Are we getting really good at going it alone, or are we conferring with our higher self? We have a wealth of knowledge and intuition waiting to be utilized. Let’s take a few minutes and sit quietly, dwell with our Inner Shaman and leave room to have that internal conversation about what is next for us. Let us understand ourselves more deeply. Let us understand the world more deeply. Let us fall into compassion and service of others naturally, not because it is something that we have to do, but because it feels good to do it. Let Divine in.


Xo Juli

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