March 14, 2022

March 14, 2022 Love Hard, Always.

In a world that seems more divided than ever, I have found myself pressured to choose a side in a multitude of topics, situations and events lately. We seem to have reached a precipice of us versus them mentality. I can feel the frustration of those around me when I don’t budge.  And honestly, there are times when I want to and times when I slip and join the masses in judgment and difference. Alas, I am not perfect, but perfectly imperfect.  The beauty is, contrast brings clarity and it’s in those moments of slippage that I learn some of my most important lessons in life.

In the times when we feel pressured to choose a side, take a position or a stance, to defend an opinion or a viewpoint, perhaps instead we could ask ourselves, “what feels right for me?” These are teaching moments. Moments that can lend us to dig deeper than our differences and circumstances to find our connection, our common ground, our humanity. Choosing a side for the sake of fitting in, keeping a relationship intact, saving face, or avoiding the thing we most fear can be a point of stress and anxiety. Often choosing from this place, creates a divide and separation within ourselves and our Spirit, thus making our experience even more difficult to navigate.

This week, we are encouraged to check in with our heart, to listen closely to it’s whispers. To wonder if we are choosing our mind’s narrative or perhaps our hearts longing? Let us wonder if it is possible to defend love, promote love, experience love, spread love…BE love. Unapologetically.  For in every choice LOVE exists.  May we remain open to finding the path of love, even if it is the difficult choice or the unpopular journey.

We have all experienced difficult days in our past, and we know there will be difficult days ahead. Aligning ourselves with what feels right in our hearts, what feels inclusive, loving and kind, what feels powerful and beautiful, what feels purposeful, meaningful and empowering, will ease the pressure of difficult choices. Let us follow our hearts. Let us choose love, always. 

Xo Juli


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