March 13, 2023

March 13, 2023 BECOME

To begin to be. 

What an incredible sentiment.  In every day, every minute, every breath, we have a choice to begin to be. Too many times we put off our desires, needs, responsibilities, tasks, chores and visits until tomorrow.  We have become perpetual procrastinators who are easily distracted by things that are unfulfilling in life.  It’s easy to say, “tomorrow I will call my friend” or “on Monday I will start that new workout” or “I don’t have time today, I’ll get to it tomorrow” and then…tomorrow comes and goes and one Monday rolls into the next.  

The truth is, we only have this moment.  

This breath. 

This moment is the best moment to begin!  If we feel called in the moment to start, the momentum is right and it is the best time to lean in and begin!  This week, we are encouraged to look at what we have been putting off, we are challenged to put down the electronics and the social media to create space to fall into the moment of NOW and just BE. When we melt into the beauty of BEING we find all kinds of blessings – our thoughts clear, our priorities realign, our relationships benefit, and our hearts open to the beauty and joy of the present moment.  It is in the BEING that we experience the true authenticity of our soul and our purpose. 

Now is the time to BECOME.

XO Juli


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