March 11, 2024

March 11, 2024 Breathe

Stop what you are doing. Take a big breath…and release slowly.  Let your exhale be a little longer than your inhale. Again. Again. Now release the breath and let it resume its own natural rhythm.

We just became aware of three breaths in a day where we will take 20,000+. Breath is our lifeforce.  Without it we cease to be. With it, we thrive.  Within it, everything exists. Isn’t it amazing that the breath happens without our control; without our conscious awareness; without our effort? It truly is a gift we receive in each and every moment of the day, and yet, we take it for granted. We assume the next breath will arrive, we expect it to come and yet we forget to acknowledge it or even thank it.

Breath happens, whether we think of it or not. It is completely unconscious, however, when we become conscious of it and do it intentionally it becomes the quickest and most natural form of medicine there is.

Did you know that in just 4 minutes of slow breathing (less than 8 breaths per minute) the body begins to produce hormones and chemicals that have the equivalent reaction as Valium in the brain?  It really is a powerful way to calm the nervous system, relax the digestive system, soothe the circulatory system, steady the mind, fill the spirit, settle emotions and re-energize the body. 

My favorite breath is called the Square Breath. I can help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, worry, fear, relaxation, calm, clarity…virtually everything we seek can be found within breath. As we inhale, we count to 4 and as we inhale we imagine drawing a line toward the sky. Then we hold for a count of 4 and imagine continuing to draw the line across the horizon. Then we exhale for a count of 4, drawing the line back down toward the earth. Then we hold for a count of 4, drawing the light across back to our starting point. And then we repeat. Doing the square breath for at least 4 minutes is enough to fire the body into dosing itself with its own medicine to heal or release in whatever way is appropriate for you.

This week we are reminded to breathe. No matter what we face, what we are challenged with, or how the world shakes down in a day…just breathe.  We have all kinds of breathing tips here at Therapeutic Grace – feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more techniques that are simple and easy and will fit right into your day-to-day life without eating up more of your to-do list! 

Breathe intentionally and reap the rewards of this powerful medicine!

Xo Juli


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