June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020 Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle Cards by Antoniette Gomez & Bianca Gomez


When I pulled the card for this week, I felt like the message as it is written in the book that accompanies the cards was perfectly calibrated…and there is no room for my two-cents this week, other than to say that for many of us this is a life long journey, it’s important to be gentle with ourselves as we evolve, grow and learn to love ourselves more today than we did yesterday.

“When you drop your defences and open your heart only then can you truly feel and appreciate the exquisite sensation of receiving love.  This card is encouraging you to start exploring how it feels to fully accept and love yourself. The feelings of appreciation and self-worth that are generated can then extend to how you react to others.  You can only attract and receive love from others when you truly love the person you are.  In the past you may have felt that it was safer to not allow yourself to hope or let yourself truly connect to the feeling of being loved; now it is time to allow yourself to feel true love.  Know that you are perfect and whole, you deserve to feel the connection and unconditional love of self and others.  Extend your arms, your heart and your inner essence, give yourself completely and allow yourself to receive.

Mantra: I deserve to be loved, it is safe to open my heart.

Additional Meanings: Balance giving and receiving.  Unconditional love.  The hatred you feel from others is a reflection of your feelings towards yourself. A perfect union.”

Xo Juli

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