June 22, 2020

June 22, 2020 The Journey by Brandon Bays & Kevin Billett


“You are the ocean – vast and boundless.”

I am always amazed at the power of using Oracle Cards.  When I pulled the card for this week, a strong sense of familiarity flooded me and I had a sense of déjà vu.  I went back through my notes and this very card was drawn back in January of this year.  Now, when I pull cards for the weekly card readings, my intention is “what does the world need to know this week.”  We saw this card pre-COVID.  We need to see this card again…amongst the waves of this pandemic.  Spirit has guided that this message repeat, and so we check in again with the OCEAN card. 

Time to do an emotional check.  Have you been feeling small? Limited?  Stuck by circumstances?  It’s okay…nothing is ever permanent…just ride the wave.  This week we are encouraged to relax and notice how and what we are feeling.  As we breathe, we can become aware of all the space around us, noticing that we aren’t actually stuck, small, limited or trapped.  We are in fact, limitless and vast when we step out of the story that we have been telling ourselves.  We are expansive and anything is possible.  I don’t know why we let our story and circumstances have so much power over our present experience.  Why do we notice when it feels negative?  Why do we choose to dwell in it?  The reality is, we are limitless when we tap into the negative experiences that life sends our way, AND we are limitless when we tap into the positive experiences that come our way.  We get to co-create this ocean upon which we float.  We get to determine if the waves will capsize us or if we can hang on until the calm returns.  This much I know for sure: the calm always returns. Let’s take our emotional pulse, grab a board and ride the wave.


Xo Juli

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