June 20, 2022

June 20, 2022 There is No Limit to the Currency of Love

Love is a powerful and beautiful state. And it always amazes me as to how many different vehicles there are to get there. Many find their way to love through acts of service, by spending quality time with loved ones, giving or receiving gifts and/or by being intimate with a special someone. One of my favorite paths is through gratitude. You see the state of love in its genuine form isn’t captured outside of ourselves, rather it is cultivated from within.

This week we are encouraged to take a few moments of stillness and contemplate what it is we are thankful for in our lives? 

Where are our blessings? 

What was sweet about our day?

Where did we notice expressions of love in our lives? 

In what ways did we serve the world? 

How did the world support us?  

A few minutes of cultivation will lead us towards experiencing more love in our lives.  If this pathway doesn’t feel right for you, choose another route that does.  Let’s honor ourselves this week as we realize that there is no limit to the currency of love in our lives.

Xo Juli


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