June 19, 2023

June 19, 2023 Vulnerability is Empowering

Recently, I ran myself down in exhaustion. I’m usually really good with self-care, knowing that I am a priority in my life and in order to live hard and love harder, I must be well. I just got busy. It was a “good” busy as I love what I do. However, I over-worked myself, I took on too many tasks that all converged at the same time (why does that happen in life?), and then several people that I love and support all magically had crises at the same time, and although I continued meditating regularly and used grounding techniques daily, I forgot to eat and drink.  And after a few days, I couldn’t get out of bed. All systems did a hard STOP. And it was ugly. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.

It was a beautiful example of the importance of self care. I asked for help. I had a team around me that was able to step in and pick up the slack that I dropped. I was able to have the space to rest and heal. And I gave myself the grace to do so. I learned a few years ago that vulnerability is not a weakness, that it is okay to look after ourselves, and it is more than okay to ask for help. These things do NOT make us weak…but actually they make us stronger. And an added bonus is that we model to those around us that they too can honor themselves, ask for help and look after their own self-care. I found that by taking a rest it not only benefited me, but also the people around me. How amazing is that?

Vulnerability looks different for each of us. It may be sharing a dark moment in our lives, or admitting a long denied truth, or living through a difficult time, or experiencing uncertainty. When we hold on too tightly and don’t allow ourselves to express vulnerability it gives shame a chance to take root.  And then we become secretive – and shame needs secrecy to grow.  When this happens, we literally get stuck in our stories and are unable to move forward in life.  This week we are challenged to let go, to express what needs to be expressed in our safe circles, to ask for help when we need it, to honor ourselves with all the love and self care needed for our soul’s growth. Vulnerability is empowering – and it represents the ultimate strength. Let’s reframe that old programming. It’s time to step in.

Vulnerability = Strength.


Xo Juli

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