June 10, 2024

June 10, 2024 Worth is Found in the Absense of Judgement

Before we dive in, let’s be clear. Judgement feels like criticism, like we have failed at something, and it often results in self-punishment. It’s bitter and harsh and we usually beat ourselves up for even thinking judgemental thoughts or voicing judgemental words. Discernment is when we view things from a place of neutrality, where as an observer we can witness both the dark and the light of a situation, relationship or circumstance and love each equally for we understand that no matter what, we are learning and growing – and it is all perfectly beautiful in its own way. Both the light and the dark are a necessary part of our growth and enlightenment.

Close your eyes for a moment and think the word WORTH. Just feel the word. What does it feel like? When in life do you experience this feeling? What does it mean to you?

What does honoring your worth look like for you?  

Now, stepping into discernment, let’s ask ourselves, do I honor my worth? Is there room for improvement or change? What shifts and changes are available to me to enhance my relationships, careers and health? Listen deeply to the inner voice as we feel into our responses.

For many of us, embracing our worth will mean that it is time to allow ourselves to receive. Giving is easy and often we do it at the expense of ourselves and even our families.  The real struggle for many is feeling worthy enough to receive, feeling worthy enough to take our sick days, feeling worthy enough to spend time and money on self-care, feeling worthy enough to slow down long enough to breathe, feeling worthy enough to receive the compliments…can you feel it yet?

Let’s boil it down to this affirmation: “I am enough.”  We don’t have to prove ourselves worthy to anyone. Ever.  Just as we are, we are enough.  Let us move forward this week with our goals and ambitions but let us do so with the knowledge that we too are enough so that our choices moving forward reinforce our worth.

No judgment. Just love. Always love.

XO Juli


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