June 1, 2020

June 1, 2020 Ask and it is Given Cards by Esther & Jerry Hicks

“Every subject is really two subjects: There is that which you desire, and the lack of it.  Often – even when you believe you are thinking about something that you desire – you are actually thinking about the exact opposite of what you desire.”

The mind is a trickster.  It can be a beautiful experience to hope and dream and want.  However, when we are stuck in the thinking of the wanting, we are actually stuck in the frequency of the lack of that very thing we are wanting.  We typically want something that we don’t think we already have.  For instance, if we are wanting more money, and we focus on the wanting of it because we don’t have enough in this moment…we are attracting more wanting…more lack.  Instead, if we are wanting more money, our thinking and thoughts could be around the abundance that we already have in our lives, feeling grateful for the money that we already have, the flow and support that is already in our lives.  When we flip our thoughts and feelings in this way, we then anchor into the abundance that is already present in our lives…which in turn, attracts more abundance, more flow and more money.  Simply put, what we think and feel in this moment is the very thing that we attract in our future moments.  This week, we are encouraged to move from the perspective of lack and move into a more fitting frequency – thoughts and feelings that honour what we already have, be thankful for those very things, and the watch with hopeful anticipation as those very things become more prevalent in our lives.  Let’s not be tricked by thinking of that which we lack and instead focus on the abundance that is already flowing in our lives…in this very moment. 

Find it.  It’s there.

Xo Juli

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