July 6, 2020

July 6, 2020 Courage to Love Yourself Cards by Janice Mae Parviainen

“Like an onion, you are layered emotionally. You may have dealt with an issue on one level only to have it pop up later on another level. I say this to make you aware that change will take tie and relapses are possible, if not probable.  Stay the course!”

I can hear the collective masses groaning – the dreaded onion card surfaces again!  Take heart friends.  Although the onion has many layers and as we peel them back we often cry, there is much satisfaction in getting closer to our core.  Each layer that we shed brings its successes and we need to be proud that we are moving forward at our own pace.  Shedding that which no longer serves us is a healthy part of the growth process.  Whether it is shifting our friendships, behaviours, or thought patterns we are stepping into vulnerability and strength.  These new layers are sensitive and raw but they are also great opportunities to set new boundaries, new goals, and new ways to exist in relationships. Peeling those layers can be scary, but be reassured that no matter how afraid you are, you are not alone.  No human is exempt to this philosophy and only the brave do the work to reveal their true authenticity.  This week, we are called to activate our courage, peel back those layers and own the strength to do YOU.  The world needs you. Now, more than ever.  So let your awesome show.


XO Juli

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