July 26, 2021

July 26, 2021 There is More Life on the Other Side of Fear

I will press on even when fear is present and hold an intention for a positive outcome. Fear is a teacher in my life, not a dictator. I willingly feel the fear and persevere knowing there is more ME on the other side!

from Finding the Well in Wellness Cards, by Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

Fear can be a wonderful catalyst for change.  It can also be so terrifying that it immobilizes us. How do you typically feel and react when you are scared?  What is your go-to response?

I think it is important to pause, to have an understanding of what fear is here to teach us or tell us in each circumstance. Meeting fear with compassion and an inner listening ear can often change our response and our outcome. I believe that we are able to be in control of our emotions – although sometimes it feels like they control us, we actually have great influence over how we feel, simply by adjusting our thoughts.  Thoughts create feelings.  So, how we choose to interact with fear, matters.  For me, it is a bit of a head-game some days.  I can talk myself around in circles, coach and coax myself through it, breathe and shift my perspective in order to move through the fear with an intention for a positive outcome.  Fear doesn’t show up in our lives to hold us captive, I believe it actually shows up to reveal more of our true selves to us.  I think fear is a unique gift to help us break through barriers and limitations that have prevented us from our truest potential.  Embracing fear, pushing, breaking through typically means we find more of ourselves on the other side of it.  This week we are encouraged to face our fears bravely when they arise and accept the gifts that come from each triumph! Feel the fear, and do it anyway! Be the warrior you were meant to be!


XO Juli

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