July 22, 2019

July 22, 2019 Native American Oracle Cards by Laura Tuan and Kaya Walker


The Feather

“Every stone, plant, animal or situation you meet has a message for you. Listen.”

Feathers represent prayer, messages from our ancestors, they are a sign of respect and honor and often considered gifts from Spirit.  When our lives are busy we often forget to take notice of the beauty, messages and signs around us. We pass by the feathers in our hustle and bustle.  When was the last time you stopped to watch the ant carrying more than its weight, or paused to smell the flowers in bloom, or watched the way the leaves dance in the wind, or really listened to the call of the Morning Dove?  Life moves so swiftly, but we don’t have to.  It is important to take notice of that which surrounds us, to find the messages trying to get through.  Perhaps it isn’t an ant at all, perhaps it is a message of encouragement telling you that you are strong and can carry this load.  Maybe that bloom is a reminder that it takes beauty to know beauty.  What if those leaves dancing in the wind are showing you how easy it is to be moved by the moment and to just go with the flow?  And that Morning Dove and its lullaby?  Perhaps it is inspiring you to connect to your lover in gratitude.  This week, we are encouraged to pause, and notice the messages all around.  Take action.  Give thanks.



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