July 20, 2020

July 20, 2020 I AM Daily Motivation Cards by barre BLEND

I AM limitless.

“I remove my self-inflicted boundaries to reach my fullest potential.”

I am reminded of Pema Chodron when she says “You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” 

It is easy in life to minimize ourselves to fit in, to stay within the constraints of family patterns, social boxes and the safety of our own fears. Say what?! Yes, it’s easy. That’s why we do it. And it can be comfortable too, so we stay because we know what to expect. It keeps life constant and predictable. Here’s the thing: when we stay within the walls that we construct, we CANNOT grow. 

Friends, this week, we are reminded that we are limitless. We are boundless. We are free. If only we ALLOW ourselves to be. It is time to let the weather, just be the weather. It is time to let the storms pass and stop holding on to the destruction they can leave behind. It is time to let the wind blow and know that we will survive. It is time to let the rain fall and allow the water to nourish our lives. It is time to let the sun shine and grow into it’s warmth. The weather is like life, never permanent, ever-changing, un-predictable and absolutely essential to our growth. The time is NOW. Let’s embrace this affirmation as our new mantra, “I AM limitless” as we step into the power of realizing our fullest potential.


XO Juli

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