July 11, 2022

July 11, 2022 Turn Burdens Into Blessings

It has been said that time goes faster the older we get. As a kid, I never believed it to be true as I loved that summers felt endless.  Now, as a mother of two active teenagers, most days I feel like I blink and an entire month has gone by. In the day-to-day busy life, if we don’t slow down to enjoy the moments we seem to lose time.  And yet, there are times when we are in the muck of life that one day can feel like an eternity.  Time truly is an illusion and we each interpret it uniquely.

This week we are encouraged to find pockets of time in our day to truly enjoy, I mean REALLY enjoy, what matters most to us. No matter where we are, what we are going through, there is always an opportunity for gratitude, for beauty and for blessings. There will be days when those blessings are disguised or hidden or appear to be a burden and it may take time to uncover these gifts. Let us recognize that it only takes a small shift in perspective to flip our burdens into blessings. Let us find the pockets of time, search for the gifts and reap the rewards!



Xo Juli


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