March 26, 2018

Juli’s Weekly Card Reading

March 26, 2018
Angel Therapy Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue
“The person you are inquiring about is an “Indigo”, meaning a highly sensitive, natural-born leader.”

Do you feel like you have been carrying a heavy load these days? Is there a burden weighing heavy in your heart? Are you feeling disappointed that you are where you thought you should be at this stage of your life? Its like we carry these heavy feelings in a little red wagon – and the contents of the wagon are heavier than you can pull. Moving forward in life can feel exhausting and even impossible. This happens, of course, when our perspective is anchored in lower frequency emotions – like fear, pain, disappointment, anger etc. We are all highly sensitive to emotions and often feel like we are a victim to the emotions that we experience. This card reassures us that we don’t have to see it that way.

This card is encouraging us to use those experiences, the ones in our little red wagons, as portals to healing. When we start to ask ourselves “what was this experience here to teach me?” We begin to move towards our lessons and shift our perspectives. When we begin to see our burdens as gifts (I know this is a challenge – but it is totally possible to find something to be grateful for) we can lighten our load. We can see the beauty in our journey and then we can become the living example to those around us so that they too can move forward fearlessly. This week, ask yourself the question and take inventory of your little red wagon and watch life begin to shift as you shift your perspective.

Carry on,

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