June 11, 2018

Contrast brings Clarity

June 11, 2018 – Juli’s Weekly Card Reading

Getting into the Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Billions of Us Are Living in Perfect Diversity…

This card reminds me of the idea that contrast brings clarity. You see, there are many “right” ways to live, “right” ways of doing things and “right” ways of getting there. If we could let go of our attachment to wanting others to do things OUR WAY, life would go much more simply for us. I hate the way my husband does the dishes. It irks me how his system is so disorganized and the flow of how he does it, doesn’t even make sense. There are times when I just have to walk away because it is so painful to watch. BUT, in the end, the dishes are washed, they are clean AND, I didn’t have to do it! It is okay to have different ways of doing things when the end result is the same. When I let go of my attachment to him doing it ‘my way’ it allows for responsibilities to be shared in the household and it actually makes my life a little more enjoyable as a result. Things run smoothly when we let go of attachment to the idea that it is “my way or the highway”. It is okay to live and work in a diverse environment, and we can experience great benefit when we allow ourselves to watch and learn through the diversity. Perhaps we learn that its best to walk away and let the task be looked after in a way different than ours, or perhaps we learn that there is a more efficient way to complete the task. This week, be willing to let go, to make way for the next generation to do things differently, and enjoy living in diversity. Who knows, perhaps by letting go of the “right” way to live we may find a better way to live?

Right on!


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