January 31, 2022

January 31, 2022


There is a preciousness and beauty that is only found in the present moment. Fear and worry are thieves of now. And the truth is we can only hold one thought, one feeling at a time – fear and love cannot exist in the same moment. Worry and beauty cannot exist in the same moment. There is actually some wonderful science on achieving happiness coming out of Yale University right now that is showing the impact of being present in the Now Moment, savouring the experience, utilizing the breath and shifting our mindset. This compelling evidence shows that we have built in mechanisms and abilities that we can use to help ourselves thrive in life.This week we are encouraged to settle into our breath, to pay attention to what is happening NOW, to savour the experience of the moment beyond our thoughts and feelings…and let the moment be what it is. Watch the sunrise, stop to notice the intricacies of the snowflakes, feel the breeze on your skin, watch the dancing flames of the fire, listen to the chatter of the birds, feel the warmth of your favourite blanket, taste the flavours of our meal, smell the aroma of our tea…and savour the feeling, feel gratitude for this moment in time. Slowing down and appreciating the present moment will do wonders for the busy mind, the cluttered heart, the stressed body and the infinite spirit within. Let’s treat ourselves to blissful moments this week.

Xo Juli



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