March 27, 2023

January 30, 2023

There’s No Good News. 

There’s No Bad News. 

There’s Only News.

In a world with news and media coverage that is often skewed by politics, religion and ulterior motives, heavily focused on the negatives, tragedies, injustices and inequalities of the world, it is a wonder any of us can even keep our heads above water these days.  It seems we have lost balance in this polarized world. Where are the stories that boast gratitude, good-Samaritans, servant leadership, love and kindness? Honestly, watching the news these days leaves me with more heart work to do at the end of the day to find the balance in my own life and perspective again.  For every news story I watch I feel like I need to meditate, focus on my own personal gratitude’s and process through to find meaning in all that’s wrong with the world.  Some days, I feel like the hole is a vast void of ugliness.

And then I remember that I don’t have to see it that way at all.  I get to choose how to interpret what I read, watch and hear.  And that is a powerful awareness. You see, NOTHING HAS ANY MEANING EXCEPT THE MEANING WE CHOOSE TO GIVE IT.

For every death, there is compassion and an extension of kindness that follows.  For every injustice, there is education and hope in change for tomorrow.  For every inequality, there is a new awareness and sensitivity that arises. For every tragedy, there is an outpouring of support, compassion and love. This isn’t necessarily what is reported, but IF we choose to look, we will find beauty in it all.

This week we are encouraged to monitor just how much of an impact news (from any source) has on our lives.  Perhaps it’s time for a technology detox?  Maybe it’s time to cut back or limit social media or those external inputs that tank our energy?  Maybe it’s time to do a brain dump and find a new perspective on it all.  Perhaps it’s time to put our discontent into action, educate ourselves and move forward without the good or the bad of it all and just let news be news. Let’s be brave friends – let’s consciously choose what we put into our minds, choose what we attach meaning to, choose our perspective and choose to keep it flexible. After all, as individuals, it’s important for each of us to find our own way, our own meaning and our own truths. And to tolerate others. 

Big love.

XO Juli


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