January 27, 2020

January 27, 2020 Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield & Josephine Wall

Bountiful Harvest

“Grant your abundance the opportunity to flow into your life. It will re-shape your perspective. It will strengthen and nourish you.”

We are surrounded daily by a multitude of blessings, gifts and miracles, if only we took the time to notice. Abundance is always flowing, even when we are in resistance or afraid or not feeling worthy. It is always there. Always within reach. This week, we are encouraged to deconstruct those walls, move out of resistance and into flow, and just…allow. We can be our own worst enemy, blocking goodness and not even realizing that we are doing it. Swords down friends. Time to let go of the stories and fears that are damning the flow of abundance in our lives. You might be asking, ‘how do I let go of resistance if I don’t even know I am blocking abundance?’ I’m not sure we have to do anything…we just have to allow. It may be an internal conversation, where we commit to ourselves to notice, honor and receive abundance in our lives. It may be an affirmation that holds our energetic frequency in a state of openness. It may be re-framing the story of our lives where we once deemed ourselves unworthy. In truth, we are surrounded by beauty, love, goodness and opportunities if only we take the time to notice and appreciate them. Let’s give it permission to arrive.


Xo Juli

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