January 20, 2020

January 20, 2020 Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


“Fresh organic fruits and vegetables give you a boost of high life-force energy, which elevates your spiritual frequency.”

This isn’t a recipe for healthy eating/living, nor is it medical advice on how and what to eat.  Each body has its own needs and requirements for optimal health.  This week, we are encouraged to listen to our body, to take notice of what we are choosing to put into our bodies and how our bodies respond to those very substances.  What are we consuming for pleasure and what are we consuming for energy?  Are we consuming because we need quality nutrients or are we consuming to fill an emotional void?  Regardless of where we are, it is important to recognize that we are affecting our health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually when we add any form of energy to our system.  Let’s fuel our bodies for energy and nutrients, and treat it respectfully.  In the end, this meat-suit vessel that we are travelling in, is the way our soul travels about this earth.  And we each have important work to do.


Xo Juli

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