January 2, 2023

January 2, 2023 F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Our ability to be friends with others is a direct reflection of our friendship with ourselves. There are so many layers to this friendship – willingness, worthiness, trust and transparency to name a few.  In relationships, we want to be sharing the pureness of our heart, showing up responsibly and authentically. If we haven’t yet befriended ourselves, we tend to love others through our wounds and unresolved parts of ourselves.  And that is okay, that is real too…just know that there is room for another version of you to show up.  

What if we befriended ourselves?  

What if we loved the wounds we carry?  

What if embracing all that we are, we were able to love our friends and ourselves more fully? 

The mere possibility is exciting!  To be what we need, for others…how splendid would that be?

This week, we are encouraged to be a friend to ourselves and by extension be a friend to others in a new way.  Let’s take a moment this week to contemplate what we need in a friend, and be honest and real as we hold ourselves to that measuring stick – a healthy judgment.  Make shifts and adjustments as needed and put that friendship out into the world.  When we pull back the veil we often hide behind, we will find a fuller version of ourselves.  A version that is primed and ready to love others harder than ever AND a version that loves ourselves deeper than ever.


Xo Juli

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