January 17, 2022

January 17, 2022 It’s Time to Heal All the Things That Cannot Be Seen.

In the thick of pandemic life, there is much focus on keeping ourselves safe and healthy physically.  The chronic barrage of stress, fear and new realities certainly are taking their toll on us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It is inevitable that in our lifetimes we will all go through the hard stuff at some point.  It is during those hard times that we need to anchor into our true, grounded and proven belief constructs – the healthy ones.  A belief is simply a thought that we have had so many times that we believe it to be true. The anchors that serve us well sound like “I am strong and resilient”  or “No matter what, I will be okay” or “I am ruled by love not fear.” They are the ones that time and time again have never let us down. Our mindset matters today more than ever. When we find ourselves stuck or struggling, the fastest turn around is to feel it, acknowledge it and then change the internal narrative in order to shift our perspective of the world around us. More often than not, the stress we feel is simply how we are interpreting the environment around us – if we flip the interpretation, we flip our reality.

This week we are encouraged to lean into our healthy mindsets, to balance our physical self-care with mental, emotional and spiritual care as well.  If you need support in these areas, reach out to a counsellor, therapist, coach or a trusted someone to help navigate your inner world in a way that best serves you.  And as always, if you need a listening ear, support or love…you know how to reach me.

Xo Juli

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