January 11, 2021

January 11, 2021 Finding the Well in Wellness Cards By Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

Good Thoughts Make Life Better

“The quality of my thoughts directly influences the quality of my emotions. Today, I choose thoughts that are empowering, positive, and fill me with all the feels of abundance and love. Good thoughts make my life better!”
Consider this:
Our thoughts generate feelings. Those feelings generate our point of attraction for the Universe. And the Universe then proceeds to prove it to us. Let’s break it down by an example.
I wake up, tired, groggy and unexcited to start the day. By the time my coffee is ready, I have failed to make sense of my hair for the day, exploded the toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror and realized that we’ve run out of coffee cream. I can’t help but think that the day sucks already. Should I choose to stay on this trajectory of thinking, one can only imagine how the rest of the day might play out.
Our thoughts are communicated in our bodies through chemical messengers, who then signal emotions to kick in using other chemical and hormonal messengers creating an internal environment that is either in a state of ease or a state of dis-ease. This internal state becomes the magnet for our day and our life. We then attract circumstances, situations and scenarios that directly prove our internal state. So our external world is a direct representation of our internal world. Let’s take our example above and choose the flip instead.
I wake up, tired, groggy and unexcited to start the day. As I lay there in my comfy bed, I can’t help but think how blessed I am to have a warm and cozy place to rest and look forward to ending my day in this same space. I can see the morning light peeking through the shades and I am thankful to see another day. The house is quiet and I enjoy the few minutes of solitude to breathe and gather my thoughts, intentions and goals for the day. I set a priority to complete a task that is important for me. I set a priority to spend a few minutes on self-care. Before my feet have even touched the ground, I have practiced gratitude, set an intention for the day and a goal for myself personally. By the time my coffee is brewed and I realize there isn’t any coffee cream left, I easily pivot my plans to include a quick trip to the store with the awareness that I am so blessed to have the means to get to the store, money to purchase the cream, and that I live in a place that allows this luxury. You see, the trip to the store isn’t an inconvenience…it is a blessing.
When we intentionally choose our thoughts, we are in essence choosing how we feel as we go about the day. There is always a flip. We just have to look for it. Our mind set matters. How we approach and think about the things that life brings us, matters. Not only for the outcome of the situations, but also the quality of life we experience as we go through them.
We are often our own worst enemy. This week, we are encouraged to get out of our own way. Check in with the quality of our thoughts and if we don’t like the trajectory that we are on…then it is time that we change the way we are thinking about things in order to change the way we feel about things. It is a simple fix really. A simple fix, that requires discipline to be at the ready, to retrain the thoughts and to catch ourselves each time we slip. The reward though? Invaluable. Come on, let’s do this together. We are worth it.
Xo Juli

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