January 1, 2024

January 1, 2024 ONWARD!

IT’S A NEW YEAR! Oh Happy Day!

Can you hear Michael Buble singing “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…for me…and I’m feeling good…?” So good…let’s get after it!

What’s next? What’s the focus for the year? What are we willing to commit to? What are we willing to weed out? Where are we headed? 

Today is a day that is peaceful and calm, a perfect day to play in freedom and co create miracle frequency in our lives. Today is a gift of renewal, a reset and an opportunity to recalibrate any areas in life that have felt stuck. Today is the day to just get out of our own damn way!

Our mind is both our biggest ally and our biggest enemy. Today is the day to befriend the mind and set its focus and intention. What we focus on IS. Our energy flows where our focus goes. If we choose to focus on moving forward, through and beyond whatever has us in a vice, we will find momentum to actually move.  If we choose to stay focused on our stuckness, we will stay stuck!  

This week we are encouraged to use ONWARD! as a mantra each time we get in our own way. Let’s set ourselves up for success by spending a few moments in contemplation, meditation, journaling, vision boarding – whatever calls to you – and gather some momentum in the direction of our dreams and goals. Let us be mindful of where our focus goes! Even simply thinking or saying ONWARD! Will interrupt old patterns and move us to focus on the forward in life and not the muck of our circumstances. Let’s start this day, this year strong!


Xo Juli


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