May 4, 2019

It takes a village.

Journal Entry #9

Day 2 of taking the Miltefosine.  So far so good.  Let me walk you through my daily regime…I am still finding the routine in all of it, but this is how yesterday and today have gone…

I take the capsules orally, twice a day – when I wake and again around 8pm.  An hour before I take the drug, I shoot some Pepto Bismol, and a half hour before, I take gravol, and then I eat a meal and take the Miltefosine.  I am drinking lots of fluid in between and sleeping most of the day and night.

Mid-day I am taking a homeopathic tincture and remedy and support (on an empty tummy) to keep my immune system strong and healthy.

For the last month I have been using a RIFE Machine, twice daily. A RIFE Machine finds the frequency of a disease/ailment/condition and then sends the frequency back through the body to kill or disable the affected cells.  I have long believed that our cells respond to frequency of our thoughts and emotions and also they respond energetically to the environment in which we live.  I have used biofeedback for myself and my children over the years for different ailments and it has always made a difference for us.  Fortunately, Leishmaniasis has a frequency too – so I run the program while holding the wands and allow the frequency to loop through my body to do its healing work. The RIFE also has an immune system support program, and I am running that one daily too.  I spend about 45 minutes, twice daily on the machine running the various programs.  As with any natural or alternative medicine the impact is subtle and gradual.  I can feel the frequency tingle in the wounds, so I trust that it is doing something.

We have been gifted an Infrared Sauna and Canyon and Tim have spent the day building it for me.  Infrared Sauna’s are helpful for detoxing the body of toxins and increasing circulation. There are other benefits, but what drew me to research this further, is that there are studies that show that Leish doesn’t like warm temperatures and that thermotherapy is a viable alternative option to treatment.  We have decided to use this in conjunction with the Miltefosine and Rife machine to give my body optimal support during the treatment protocol.

I am actually amazed with the outpouring of support, and those who have reached out with their own stories of parasites, conditions, cancer and other health issues that they are going through or have gone through.  There are so many people in this world going through tough situations, medical issues and hard times and I can clearly see how big the need is for deep compassion, support and love.  The truth is, we all have “shit”.  We all go through it at some point or another in this life.  None of us are exempt from it…and until we go through it we don’t fully appreciate what it takes to go through the shit.

And survive.

Here is what I know to be absolute truth now.  We can’t do it alone.  We are not built to go it alone.  We were not meant to suffer alone.  I know sometimes when the darkness of depression or ego seeps in, we think we can or that we have to.  But we are not built to…we are a part of a bigger consciousness…a collective…and we need each other.  Probably more than most of us would like to admit.  You know that saying, the one about raising a family?  “It takes a village…”?  Well, guess what?  So does living with cancer.  It takes a village of support.  Living with mental illness…it takes a village.  Living with ALS, MS or Rheumatoid Arthritis….it takes a village.  Waiting for a new set of lungs, or any other organ transplant…it takes a village.  Living with grief and loss…it takes a village. Life…it takes a village.

I am thankful for the village that has emerged around me, and I know that those of you who are going through the shit right now are thankful for your villages too.  And, to you, who are my village right now, I say thank you on behalf of myself and my family.  Your kindness isn’t just interpreted as kindness, but also as love.  It is alleviating stress and helping to create an environment filled with an energetic frequency that promotes health and healing.  Your kindness is bigger than the deed you do…it is representative of WHO YOU ARE and it is meaningful and purposeful.

Today I say thank you for the gift of the village around me. Thank you to all those who have shown up in the true essence of their humanity to make the world a better place…and I know and trust that your presence is a gift to the world and that your impact is bigger than any of us can fathom.


Xo Juli

5 thoughts on “It takes a village.”

  1. Beautifully said, Juli. As I read your blog and as each day unfolds, the truth of your journey becomes more spiritually apparent and yes , as you’ve said, not only for you but also for your many supporters and their spiritual journey – right along side you. Hang in there friend! Sending you love and light xo

  2. You know Juli…although it’s such a shame that it takes terrible situations to remind us of what truly matters, and I take no comfort in you having to suffer to remind others of the blessings and ‘shit’ others have…but it is truly inspiring the words you share. Your vulnerability is refreshing and touching to say the least, and the way in which you, and your family, has chosen to tackle this difficult situation is truly and deeply inspiring. I can only hope to have as much grace when facing battles of my own.

  3. You have been a village to all of us at one point in time Juli. We’re all glad to be able to give something back in gratitude to you. From one village to another with love ????.

  4. I love that we’re in each others villages Juls xoxo
    Question – So Leish doesn’t like warm temperatures… yet it is a parasite from a very warm climate & is known as a tropical disease. Is this correct? because that seems ironic.

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