June 2, 2017

A-Z How to Help Yourself

A-Z How to Help Yourself

A – analyze your dreams, ask for help

B – be mindful, breathe, be aware, be in the moment, BE

C – chat with a friend, creative time, color, crystals, crystal grid, chakra balancing

D – diary, dive in, dine out

E – engage with others, exfoliate, enjoy, eat

F – fail forward, friendships, freedom, feng shui

G – gratitude journal, go for a walk

H – help someone

I – intention setting, independence celebration, indulge, ignore temptation

J – journey within, jam session, journal, jump for joy

K – Keep out of the cookies, kiss someone, knock on the door of a friend

L – laugh, love, learn something new, lift (spirits, weights or a wineglass)

M – meditate, move your body, music

N – name your issues, nutrition, new beginings

O – orgasm, organize, (get) out of your head, oracle Cards, (take) ownership

P – partnership, pause, pleasure, prayer, pendulum, paint

Q – quick taking it personally (Q-TIP), quiet time

R – restore, rejuvenate, run, reach out, relax, respond, reflect, relate

S – sex, silly antics, social time, shift your Perspective

T – take time to play, time management, tuning forks

U – use resources, under the stars

V – vocalize, voice your heart, validate, victory dance

W – wander, wonder, wait, walk, welcome in the new, wine, “why’s?” into “how’s?”

X – x marks the spot (the heart), extend a helping hand

Y – yoga, yield

Z – zen it out, zero in, zip through this list

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