July 16, 2018

Getting into the Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks


July 16

“I’ll not ask others to become different for me.”
Have you ever noticed how frustrating it can be when we want others to do things our way? Or when someone is not behaving appropriately for our standards? Or when they don’t see things our way? Have you ever noticed how most of the time when we fall into the lower frequency emotions it is simply because others are not doing, saying, behaving the way we want them to? Or things aren’t going the way we want them to? Why do we push for things and people to be the same, or comfortable, or to be “our” way? I mean, there is such power in diversity. There are so many lessons we can learn through being different. And just because someone is saying, doing or behaving differently than we are, or differently than we would like them to, DOES NOT MEAN that one is wrong and the other is right. It is okay to be different and diverse. This week, we are reminded that there is power in letting go of attachment to control of what others are saying, doing and how they are behaving. When we let go, and simply focus on how we are showing up in the world, and being responsible for only that, we let go of the stress and even anxiety that goes along with trying to control all of those things and people that we “think” we have control over. We only have control over a few things- how we choose to react and how we choose to act. Lightbulb moment here – we CHOOSE to attach to thinking we can control others…we choose to stress over changing people and situations to fit into our comfort zone. When in reality, the only thing we have influence over is the CHOICE in how we choose to act. Let’s take a moment to reflect this week, and be encouraged to let go of the illusion of control, and let others just be who they are. I am certain when we do this, we will create more space for us to be who we are too. It’s okay to be different and diverse, let’s choose to honor each other and be responsible for our selves.

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