February 4, 2019

February 4, 2019 Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle Cards by Antoniette Gomez & Bianca Gomez


Chakra Mindset

“Self-care and growth are a part of who I am, I celebrate my achievements and am excited to continue on the path.”

We create our own destiny, blaze our own path and strive to reach our dreams.  This can be a serious focus and all-consuming at times.  We are reminded to celebrate the little victories along the way like the little things that nudge us along the path and that reassure us that we are moving forward.  Sometimes we stumble and fall, and there is always a lesson attached.  We spend time reflecting on what went wrong, and how we can fix it, or learn from it, which often means that we hold on to those things harder and longer.  This only prevents our progress.  This card is reminding us to be aware, find gratitude and thanks and spend time reflecting on the positive too.  Hold tight to gratitude and celebrate along the way.  We are all in the process of mastering our own journey, let us not compare to one another but be brave and courageous to stand in our own magnificence.



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