February 25, 2019

February 25, 2019 Messages from the Universe

“I know I am the sole creator of my reality, and that I have all the power I need within me to generate a totally satisfying life.  I stop blaming people or outside events. With God’s loving support I tune into my creative power and I bring joy and light into my life and the life of others.”

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Divine spark that we each hold within us.  We were all created in the same image, made of love, through love, given life – a gift we didn’t have to earn.  That very Light that exists within me, exists within you.  When we recognize that in ourselves, it becomes easier to let burdens go, without blame.  When we recognize that light within others, it becomes easier to understand that they too are figuring out this thing called life, just as we are.  We are all accountable for our actions and reactions. Not that of others.  When we come from this place of Divine Light within, it is impossible to spread hate, evil and anger.  When we come from this place of Divine Light within, we will not only be spreading goodness, love and joy to all those we meet, but we will be purposeful as we do it.




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