February 11, 2019

February 11, 2019 The Oracle of E* by Pam Grout & Colette Baron-Reid

Head Games

“The trouble with smart people-and, yes, that means you – is that they occasionally have a tad bit of difficulty surrendering to the Big Guy. They want to analyze everything.  Figure everything out. Go from A to B to C to D, ad nauseam.  So here is all you need to know about this: sometimes, it’s better to let go.”

In January, as the New Year was upon us, many of us set goals, intentions, chose power words and/or made resolutions.  Ever wonder why they fail?  Or are hard to achieve?  I believe it is because we forgot to “let go” after we made them.  What does that mean?  Aren’t we supposed to focus on our goals and dreams?  Well, yes….and no.  We often set the goal, and then force our way to making it happen, looking hard for opportunities, manipulating ourselves and others to get there.  We fall into the trap of thinking we know the best way to get there.  The mistake here is focusing on the steps to achieve the goal.  When instead, we are called to focus on the goal itself, how it will feel when we have achieved it, what life will be like and dreaming of the bigger picture of that achievement.  When we focus in this way, we let go of “knowing” how to get there and we move into a place of ALLOWING.  For example, if our goal was to increase our income this year, we may think that will come about by getting a promotion, so we push hard, work harder to prove ourselves in order to get the promotion.  When in fact, the “Big Guy” may have an alternate route for us. Perhaps that increase in income could come in the form of a gift or inheritance or the lottery or the sale of property or any other way our little human brains couldn’t imagine.  We DO NOT know the steps to get there and it is egotistical to think that we do.  This card is asking us to let go of the head games, move into a place of trust, faith and ALLOW our next steps toward our goal to be revealed to us.  It is then our responsibility to take those opportunities and signs and show up to do the work.  We will know the difference between an opportunity that comes from allowing versus pushing.  And as those opportunities present themselves now, we are ready, willing and able to move onward.




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