February 1, 2021

February 1, 2021 Finding the Well in Wellness Cards By Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

Let Go

“I willingly let go of all that is no longer serving me. I understand that anything unresolved tarnishes the flow of love in and out of my heart. I give myself permission to let go knowing that as I surrender, I create more room for love in my life.”

The old baggage we carry around, all those unresolved issues, past hurts and pains, losses and grievances…they are all clutter in our heart.  Taking up precious room where more joy, laughter and love could reside.  This very baggage constructs walls around our heart, blocking the flow of good things in and out of our life.  This week, we are encouraged to let some of that baggage go. 

That can feel like a daunting task and oh…where do we even start?

Letting go looks different for each of us and we will only do it when we are ready and it is ripe. How do we get that baggage to ripen?  We contemplate it, journal it, write a letter of forgiveness, hold a burn ceremony, run it out, scream it out, hug a tree, talk about it with a trusted and close friend or a professional.  We must be willing to find a way that works for us.  Let’s commit to make more room in our heart, commit to take down some of those walls and barricades, commit to allow love to flow more freely in and out of our lives. We are worth it.  And so are all the others who benefit from the love we share.


Xo Juli

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