February 27, 2023

Feb 27, 2023 CHOICE

We are the gatekeepers of our minds, bodies and energetic systems. We choose what input goes in – what music we listen to, what we read, what we watch.  We choose how we treat our bodies – what nutrition goes in, how we move and use our bodies. We choose what stresses we observe – the people we surround ourselves with, the environments we socialize in.  All of these factors influence our internal world.  And before all of these factors comes one critical moment in time – the moment of choice. We CHOOSE the input.  We CHOOSE the output. We CHOOSE how we choose to see the world around us.  

These choices are integral to our health and our energy. It all starts with our thoughts. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings are really just a series of chemical reactions in the body that trigger us into a state or well-ness or dis-ease. I know that is a really simplified statement to a complex series of events, but what it really boils down to is thaat what we choose to think about and focus on becomes our reality.

This week we are encouraged to pay attention to our thoughts. Are we choosing the input that breeds healthy, peaceful and loving thoughts or are we choosing input that perpetuates fear, animosity and stress? Maybe it’s time for a social media break, or a news-fast, or cleansing of friends, a nutritional cleanse, or a weekend retreat to commune with nature.  Whatever it is that your body, your energy, your mind needs right now, honor it. The only person that has control over your choices, is YOU! This week, let’s start with choosing high quality, empowering, loving and grateful thoughts!

XO Juli


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