February 22, 2021

Feb 22, 2021 Finding the Well in Wellness Cards By Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers


“I am safe and secure. All of my desires are met, right now. I am lovingly assertive and kind. It is easy for me to give and receive love. Everyone who hears my words today benefits from them. I am willing to see the truth and hear the truth in any situation. I am open to knowing my truth and connecting to Divine. Today, I choose to live in service of others purposefully and passionately.”

One of the biggest hang ups when people start doing affirmation work, is that in the beginning it can feel like lying.  Sometimes, the gap between where we are and where we want to be feels like the Grand Canyon. And after saying them a few times, and feeling like a fraud, they give up.  Here’s the thing: using affirmations is a tool we use to retrain the brain. It is going to feel uncomfortable and awkward at first because we are having thoughts that are vastly different than the thoughts and conversations that we have been having with ourselves all along. We haven’t exercised and conditioned the “muscles” of our mind and so they scream in protest much like our biceps would when we first pick up the weights. Affirmations are meant to be used as incantations. A word or phrase that we say on repeat, allowing it to loop in the brain as it builds and constructs new pathways neurologically.  They are a tool to rewire our brain and the more traffic we give them, the stronger those connections become until we begin to FEEL the affirmation in the context with which it is intended. I always say, if it isn’t uncomfortable we aren’t growing.  Building new neurological pathways is hard work.  It takes dedication, gumption and faith. And once those new ways of thinking have been installed, we have access to new ways of being. Our thoughts create our feelings. They don’t work independently but in a synchronistic fashion. When we affirm “I am strong” we are giving our bodies and minds permission to seek out our strong, to find it, to grow it, to nurture it and to own it! This week, let’s double down on our affirmations, use words that are in your current vocabulary and create a statement that is in the positive, present tense. Make it powerful. And remember that whatever follows “I am…” is.

I believe so whole heartedly in the power of affirmations as incantations, that I want to extend a special offer to you. Email, text or message me your affirmation, and I would love to help tweak it to make it as powerful as it can be so that you get the maximum benefit out of it. And then together, we will anchor your words into your brain laying the initial framework for generative change in your life. No fee. No judgement. Just loving support to get you started. Let’s do this together.

Xo Juli

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