July 12, 2018

Everything is as it should be…

Thankfully, a dear friend introduced me to “Messages from the Universe” where I receive a message everyday from They are inspirational and profound messages that you can ponder for the day or use as a focus of daily meditation. Part of the message that I received the other day, read:

“What if feelings of uncertainty and confusion were only reminders that you have options, that there’s no hurry, and that everything is as it should be… Would you still feel disadvantaged?”

We live such a fast paced life, so busy – all day. Even now as I type this message, I know that I have to hurry along to pick up my son from school! There is always something pressing us to live faster. Often when we are stuck in life or we feel like things aren’t happening the way we want them to or as fast as we want them to, it is because we are too busy trying to hurry everything up and force things to happen. I have been trying to schedule “me-time”, trying to force ideas and thoughts…and we all know how well that works! I was feeling at a loss because for all my trying – I didn’t feel like I was making any significant progress. Well, no more trying!

As some of you know, I am working on a book right now. I was struggling with having the time and the connection to make any satisfying progress with it. This message couldn’t have come at a more timely time for me. This last week, I have allowed for major adjustments in my life. I took the time to slow down, and listen, and re-connect with my “core values” and to feel again. I have always said that a cluttered house is a cluttered mind – so with the help of a great friend, I have been physically purging my house, room by room, closet by closet. Releasing that which we no longer need both in my home and in my mind. Not only do I physically feel lighter, but I emotionally feel lighter! My body is a pretty amazing pendulum these days! If it doesn’t feel like it is ‘sitting right’ with me, I am releasing it from my life. I am allowing, and going with the flow again. And in freeing up my time and energy with the need for busy-ness or the hurried-ness of life I have allowed for the things that are really and truly tugging my heart strings.

I have learned that in allowing and listening to how my body is responding to the dreaded three “C’s” (circumstances, committees and commitments), I have found the strength and enough courage to let go. In doing so, I find myself honouring my own sacred vortex. I am the center and I am drawing to me the potentiality of my dreams and beyond. My “me-time” perspective has shifted, and creative thoughts and time to write can happen at any time of the day – and some of the best moments happen when you are completely engaged in another task or conversation and your mind isn’t even thinking about writing. When all of a sudden you realize that this conversation, this experience was DIVINELY guided and in it holds an important lesson and message for you…ta-da! My vortex is amazing – and I am so thankful to be back at the center and working and living in my truth!

So, in answer to the question that the Universe proposed to me this morning…my answer is no – I don’t feel disadvantaged anymore!

In thanks, to the Universe for asking the question, and to myself for answering.


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