Wheel of the Year Let’s welcome the Spring Equinox with Carol

Where does the Equinox land in your birth chart and what does this mean?
Connect with a crystal grid and do a guided ancestral journey for balance & clarity
Includes your birth chart, a small (prepared) Crystal and a grid template to bring this energy forward into the Spring season
March 19, 2023
1:00 – 3:30 pm
Event info:
Experience a guided Ancestral Journey to find the energy of Spring for you, and learn about your personal astrology for this time of year! We’ll be working with a Crystal Grid to enhance this connection. You’ll also receive instructions on how to bring this energy forward into the Spring season as part of a daily practice.
It will be an β€˜in person’ event
What’s required:
– your birth information (date, time, place of birth) so I can prepare your chart and a brief reading. I will need this as soon as you register, to allow for the prep time required prior to the workshop.
– a small item that represents Spring to you (to place in the grid)
– your journal to reflect on your journey
– $50 fee (which includes the items below)
What’s included:
– your birth chart, including a brief overview of your personal astrology for the Spring Equinox
– a small (prepared) crystal to symbolize Spring energy (the crystals are prepared by gathering the Solar and Lunar energy leading up to the Spring Equinox)
– a copy of a crystal grid template to use at home


Mar 19 2023


1:00 pm - 3:30 pm




Therapeutic Grace
14683 Old Simcoe Road


Carol Higeli
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4 thoughts on “Wheel of the Year Let’s welcome the Spring Equinox with Carol”

  1. Shannon KImble

    Very interested in joining this session . I seem to be having issues purchasing my ticket on line . It’s says I have to buy 8?

    1. Hi Shannon,
      I have fixed the site and you will be able to order your tickets now. Let me know if there is anything else. Look forward to you joining us.


      1. Shannon KImble

        Thanks Vicky. I wasn’t able to book on line . I want to be part of this . I will etransfer shortly

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