Spiritual Mentorship #1 with Juli Conard

This is a pre-requisite for the other 5 modules.

Spaces are limited

This will be the first of 6 sessions designed for those who wish to develop their spiritual gifts and talents while deepening their intuitive connection. In this first interactive session, we will each develop our own personal practice of grounding, shielding and protecting ourselves for intuitive travel and communication. We will learn about the Chakras and how to understand them as a gateway for healing and balance for ourselves and others. We will deepen our connection with our protective Divine, Angels and Guides, learn to clear our spiritual house, and how to clear and balance others both in person and from a distance. This workshop is designed to give you a clear foundation for personal healing work and also create a platform for sharing this balanced and beautiful energy as a Lightworker yourself. Please dress comfortably and bring your journal.


Sep 09 2018


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Therapeutic Grace
14683 Old Simcoe Road


Therapeutic Grace
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