Know Your Planets, Know Yourself

Know Your Planets, Know Yourself – The Fundamentals of Astrology 

(an in-person Workshop)

Sunday November 13,  2022  1-3:30
Therapeutic Grace, Prince Albert
Included in this workshop:
An overview of the anatomy of a birth chart.
What are the unique Planetary signatures in your birth chart?
(Hint – they might not be your Sun/Moon/Rising Sign!) I’ll help you find them!
What is your Time Lord (Planetary Ruler) for the year?
Types of transits and how they affect you?
What are the primary Elements & Modalities in your chart, and what do they say about you?
What is your Lot of Fortune (path/purpose)?
And so much more!!!
What’s included:
– Your  personalized Birth Chart (including your Time Lord (Planetary ruler) for the year which I will calculate for you)
– Worksheets (fill in the blank) & Keywords  to help guide you towards finding your way into a deeper understanding of your chart, and of yourself.
What’s required:
I will need your birth info prior to the class, in order to prepare your chart.
Birth Date (Day/Month/Year)  – *Birth Time – Birth Place
(* If you don’t have your birth time, contact me before signing up)
Investment of $50
As soon as you register, please send me your birth information so I can prepare your chart.
Space will be limited, and this will be an in person event.
I hope you’ll join me for this fun interactive workshop! I’ll help you learn more about yourself through the lens of your birth chart.
In addition to other astrology studies, I’ve recently completed an intensive 2 year program on Hellenstic Astrology.
Circle of Stars Astrology
Carol Scott Higeli


Nov 13 2022


1:00 pm - 3:30 pm




Therapeutic Grace
14683 Old Simcoe Road


Carol Higeli
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