January 28, 2019  Miracle Cards by Marianne Williamson “Crying is Okay”

“The happiest life can have sad days.  It is always okay to cry.”

I like to think of E-motion as “energy in motion”.  When we are stuck in it, it can be frustrating.  The trick is to get the energy moving so that our physical bodies don’t hold on so tightly.  Crying, laughing and exercise are awesome way to get your energy in motion.  When we are down visiting those lower frequency emotions, we have to remember and even push ourselves to be in motion.  This is where listening to our bodies becomes so important.  We can’t swallow down the tears, stifle the laughter or pull the covers over our heads…we need to just let it go, let our emotions be in motion and flow with the current of life.  All emotions are temporary…we are constantly in the ebb and flow of life, constantly in a state of change, constantly moving.  This card is reminding us to let go.  Stop resisting, and let ourselves feel whatever it is we are feeling and be okay with it.  Sharing our emotions is part of being human.  We are not alone.  This week, let’s be fearless in our quest to keep our energy in motion.






Jan 24 2019


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