Courage Circle with Karen Brittain and “The Wisdom of Cards”

Welcome lovely ladies! I am so excited for this opportunity to provide mystery, magical and hopefully enlightenment through the wisdom of the cards.

Has anyone had a card reading?

So how does it work. Because we are all connected through energy, and my use of intention, I am able to connect you, me and the cards. Although I then ‘randomly’ pull cards, they are 100% meant to give you messages from the universe. As I said before it is mysterious, it is magical and bonus-it’s fun.

I currently have 17 decks and the one I have chosen for this special occasion is the Akashic Tarot Deck. Akashic pertains to The Akashic Records. The Akashic Records is the expansive body of all information, , all knowledge, inspiration, discovery and creativity past, present and future for eternity. While it is held in the etheric, the actual records were saved in some form around 10,500BC.just before Atlantis was destroyed.These records have been referenced to in the bible.This deck is designed to help us access information about your past, present and future, revealing opportunities,relationships and actions that help you move forward in the direction you desire. Now the Tarot cards (as opposed to Oracle cards) have more structure and can provide a more layered reading. Tarot cards have been in existence since the 14 Century.

  Tarot cards are composed of 4 different Suits which have their own meaning along side each individual card meaning. There are 62 cards in the deck. There are 40 Minor Arcana cards for day to day messages including events, feelings, activities and relationships and are divided into 4 suits that provide additional messages and 22 Major Arcana which provide more indepth messages-they pull more weight so to speak.


So the term Akashic comes from the phrase Akashic Records. The Akashic Records is the information

Don’t Poo Poo The Woo Wo


Mar 30 2022


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm




Therapeutic Grace
14683 Old Simcoe Road


Karen Brittain
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