September 5, 2017

Defining Ourselves

I like to look at the common themes that arise in my life each week. You know, take note of the similar conversations, scenarios that take place. When clients and friends visit, there always seems to be a common topic at work, or a lesson to be aware of. This week it has been glaring obvious to me.

Often when we are asked “What do you do?” We respond by stating “I AM a Massage Therapist.” or “I AM a Lawyer.” For years, this has been something that I have been challenged to change. I try to respond by saying “I DO Massage Therapy.” Because, you see, Massage Therapy does NOT define me as a human being. That is not WHO I am, it is simply one of the many things that I do. So, for a while now, I have been saying “I DO Massage Therapy, and I AM a mother.” And that was working for me for awhile, until earlier this week, when I realized that I am NOT a mother. (Literally I am, but bear with me for a moment.) Before I was a Mother, and before I was a Wife, I was something else. I was ME. I was I AM.

Well, well, well – now we are getting somewhere.

We are all Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives – we all have jobs and roles in life. But those “labels” do not define who we are as human beings. Those roles strengthen us, guide us, lend us character, and pull us in directions that we might not otherwise explore. Those roles are important components of our character, but they DO NOT DEFINE ME.

So, in preparing for tonight’s class, I found myself exploring who I am to me, who I am to my family, who I am to the world around me which led me to – for what will I be remembered? Now, we are just reaching the guts of it all…

And so, I have determined that there are many layers to ME. On the surface, my outer shell I am a mother and a wife. I honour that, cherish that, in fact. But if I layer down deeper than that, much deeper than that, I recognize that I AM a caring, compassionate, loving spiritual being who chose to come here to assist others to re-acquaint with their own spirit, to encourage and support others as they journey through life. I AM devoted, independent and co-dependent, strong, fearless, adventuresome, a teacher and a student, intuitive and wise. I AM a co-creator of my own life.

Our paths were meant to cross. There are no coincidences, everything happens in its own time for its own reason. Often others see me as a teacher, and somewhere inside I feel that too, but more times than not, I feel the student. You see, each time we have human interaction; we have opportunity to learn more about ourselves through others. So, I find myself a student, a student of spirit, a student of yours. And I believe that by recognizing the importance of acting both student and teacher, my journey on this earth, at this time will encourage others to follow their own spirit, their own path and create their own journey.

As usual, the universe has just sent undeniable confirmation. The card from the “Courage to Love Yourself” deck by Janice Parviainen that the class will be exploring tonight, encourages us to overcome our fears, and reflect on what defines us, and what the world will remember us by. Funny, that Universe eh?



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