December 28, 2020

December 28, 2020 Finding the Well in Wellness Cards by Juli Conard, Art by Faith Myers

Worth is Found in the Absence of Judgement

“I close my eyes and feel the word worth.  I am excited to live fully in a way that celebrates my worth, where body, mind, and spirit are honoured and respected.  I am worthy to receive goodness, love, and joy in my life.  I treat myself gently and make choices that reinforce my worth.”

What a beautiful intention to set as we move into a new year!  A time when many of us are setting goals for 2021, doing vision boards, searching for a power word for the year and/or making new year’s resolutions.  What if we went into 2021, honouring our worth?  What would that look like for us?  What would it feel like?  What shifts and changes would that mean for our relationships, careers and health?

For many of us, this concept will mean that it is time to allow ourselves to receive. Giving is easy and often we do it at the expense of ourselves and even our families.  The real struggle for many is feeling worthy enough to receive, feeling worthy enough to take our sick days, feeling worthy enough to spend time and money on self-care, feeling worthy enough to slow down long enough to breathe, feeling worthy enough to receive the compliments…can you feel it yet?

Let’s boil it down to this affirmation: “I am enough.”  We don’t have to prove ourselves worthy to anyone. Ever.  Just as we are, we are enough.  Let’s go into 2021 with goals and ambitions but let us do so with the knowledge that we too are enough so that our choices moving forward reinforce our worth.

You are so very, very loved.

Happy New Years!


Xo Juli

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