December 27, 2021

December 27, 2021

There Are Always Flowers

Let us take a moment to reflect on the year 2021. It was a year of challenges and breakthroughs, a year of segregation and togetherness, a year of frustration and compassion – it has been a year of ups and downs as we live through a global pandemic. As we look back, we can see that even in the hard times, flowers of blessings emerged. In the midst of life unfolding, sometimes we forget to focus on the blessings and instead focused on the hardship and challenges that we were faced with.  Where we place our focus has a direct relationship with our experience of life as it unfolds. Many struggled in 2021 as they focused on what they couldn’t do, the problems at hand and worry for the future.  However, many thrived in 2021 as they focused on what they could do, enjoying their health and quality family time. Where we choose to place our attention matters.

As we embark on the year 2022, there is still much that remains uncertain. And yet, for certain I know that there will be more flowers sprouting in the season ahead. This week we are encouraged to seek our blessings, to be thankful for the flowers knowing that as we do so, we are inviting more flowers to grow in our garden of life. This is a time of planting – what do we want to grow? How do we want to succeed? What goals do we have for the year ahead? How can we appreciate more love in our lives? This isn’t about a New Year’s Resolution, instead it goes deeper than that. What do we want to experience? More importantly, what do we want to feel? When we answer these questions honestly, and choose to focus on them we begin to cultivate a precious garden not only in the beautiful seasons of life but also in preparation for the hard seasons of life. Now is the time to look, to plant and to nurture our inner world knowing that our outer world will be a reflection of our unique beauty. My wish for you is that 2022 offers you opportunities to express the best version of you, because you are a precious gift to the world – and the world needs you now, more than ever. Be you. Be awesome. Be a flower.

Happy New Year!

Xo Juli


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