December 19, 2022

December 19, 2022 Holding Space

Worry doesn’t help anyone. In fact, it taxes our immune system, weakens our mental resolve, is detrimental to the body, tanks our nervous system and energetically becomes a negative point of attraction. This means that what we worry about, is what we think about and what we think about manifests into our lives.  So if we worry, we will find ourselves in situations that will make us worry more. It can be a treacherous cycle.

When we flip the narrative of the internal voice from worry to holding space, we begin a whole new cycle in our lives. One that triggers wellness, wholeness, and gratitude. For example, when someone you know is diagnosed with cancer, our old programming may have us thinking about worst case scenarios where we worry about the outcome, the prognosis and all the what-ifs that go along with a cancer journey.  Instead, why not hold space for them? Imagine them happy, healthy, and whole. Use a memory of them where they are laughing, where they are enjoying themselves, where they are at their best.  Then, imagine them in that memory floating in a ball of light…any color you choose.  And then give the ball of light a texture…and the outside edges of the bubble are permeable…letting only love of the highest caliber in and only love of the highest caliber out…see them as perfect, whole and complete as the bubble expands…and then offer the bubble good wishes.  These might sound like:

·      May you be filled with love and kindness.

·      May you be well.

·      May you be peaceful and at ease.

·      May you be happy along the way.

·      May all that is perfectly appropriate for your journey be yours.

Let the bubble go, floating up and away and step into trust and faith that they will be fully supported and that their journey will unfold in a way that is appropriate for their souls work in this life. 

We can offer the same love and kindness for ourselves too.

If worry is a constant loop in your life, practice this regularly to retrain yourself away from worry and into the comfort that holding space can bring.  I like to think of it as an active prayer, where by visualizing, I am doing something that is productive and helpful.  Never underestimate the power of prayer and connectedness with each other. The space we hold for ourselves and others is powerful and our loved ones will feel the subtle effects of this practice. This week, we are encouraged to set worry aside, and instead focus on the reverence found in holding space.


Xo Juli

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