The Foundation of Energy Medicine

The Foundation of Energy Medicine - Spiritual Mentorship Program
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This is the first of six modules in our Spiritual Mentorship Program, and the pre-requisite to all modules that follow.

This is the foundation of all energy practices and has been designed for those who wish to develop their spiritual gifts and talents while deepening their intuitive connection. As we explore the foundation of energy, we will develop our own personal practice of grounding, shielding and protecting ourselves for intuitive travel and communication in a safe and effective way. We will discuss our Chakras and come to understand how they are a gateway for healing and balance for ourselves and for others. We will explore and deepen our relationship with Divine. We will learn to clean our spiritual house and how to clear and balance others both in person and from a distance. We will experience new perspectives on age old principles and practices that expand the mind, open the heart and lead us into a trusting relationship with our intuition. This jam-packed workshop is intended to offer a clear foundation for personal healing work and also create a platform for sharing this balanced and beautiful energy as a Lightworker yourself. If you are new to energy medicine, or have been practicing for years, this module will reinforce healthy habits to both prepare us for personal development and to share our gifts with the world.

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