The Foundation of Energy Medicine - Spiritual Mentorship Program

The Foundation of Energy Medicine

This is the first of six modules in our Spiritual Mentorship Program, and the pre-requisite to all modules that follow. This is the foundation of all energy practices and has been designed for those who wish to develop their spiritual gifts and talents while deepening their intuitive connection. As we explore the foundation of energy, …

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Bonus Materials

Welcome to the BONUS SECTION! Here you will find additional resources, experiences and information that will enhance your journey. The materials here are interchangeable and applicable to all the courses that we offer. Please lean into these resources and check back regularly for new content. Enjoy!

Increasing our Happiness Quotient

In this virtual workshop we will come to understand how our thoughts and feelings affect the outcome of our lives. We will touch on some science behind spiritual principles and practical concepts that influence our decision making, our emotional levels and our energetic makeup. We will touch upon the impact of Life Lessons and how …

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Manifestation 101

In this interactive online workshop, you will work on your own personal manifestation desires. You will learn the use of power language with both your internal and external voice, be introduced to powerful manifesting Archangels, learn to clear and ground yourself for manifestation work. We will walk through a Wealth Process using automatic writing and …

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