Words to Use Wisely

Have you ever stopped to think about how our words can stop us from having all of our heart’s desires? We have been affirming, manifesting and positive thinking for a long time and still we get hung up, swamped in doubt when things fail to materialize or actualize in our lives. Ever wondered why? The

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Tune Into Your Own Divine Guidance

Intuition is something that we all have, and have access to.  When life gets busy, or tumultuous, it can be a challenge for us to hear our intuition or even to trust it.  It is easy to hear the loud, logical voice that often sounds like your spouse, parents or friends, but this voice does

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In The Meantime…

Last night in Meditation Circle, we were discussing the speed bumps in our lives and how we need to exercise patience with ourselves and with the universe. Sometimes our timeline is not that of the universe. Often we use that metaphor of doors opening for us at the right time, and then having the courage

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Embracing Our Light

My all time, favorite quote…It is a quote by Marianne Williamson (A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”, Harper Collins, 1992. It is from chapter 7, section 3). This is the thought for the day. Ponder it, and allow it to have influence in your life. “Our deepest fear

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Defining Ourselves

I like to look at the common themes that arise in my life each week. You know, take note of the similar conversations, scenarios that take place. When clients and friends visit, there always seems to be a common topic at work, or a lesson to be aware of. This week it has been glaring

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A-Z How to Help Yourself

A-Z How to Help Yourself A – analyze your dreams, ask for help B – be mindful, breathe, be aware, be in the moment, BE C – chat with a friend, creative time, color, crystals, crystal grid, chakra balancing D – diary, dive in, dine out E – engage with others, exfoliate, enjoy, eat F –

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