November 20, 2023 Forward is Forward

I start my day with 3 simple questions. I ask them when I wake and before my feet hit the floor, before I reach for the phone, before I even open my eyes. I find that my intuition and inner voice is the strongest and most clear first thing in the morning before any outside

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November 27, 2023 I Pick My Battles

Somedays, navigating our way through our own stresses can feel a lot like raising teenagers. Often, when things are really irking us it has little to do with the outside stimulus or happenings and more to do with our own inner battle of wishing things were different than they actually are. This inner resistance (much

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November 13, 2023 The Power is Within

The world needs you now.  All  of  you. Not a dull, powerless version of you. YOU. In all your grace and glory. In all your perceived brokenness and hard and heavy. All of you. May you access power through these words: You are not too much. You have never been too much. You will never

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The Invitation

This guided meditation welcomes in the Divine chord of connection awakening our divine essence within.  Inviting God consciousness, Christ consciousness and Divine Holy Spirit to heal, transform and transmute all that we release into unconditional love. This simple and profound invitation is a beautiful and intentional daily practice that deepens our spiritual connection and anchors love’s purest

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November 6, 2023 Plant Seeds of Hope

Have you ever caught yourself telling someone what you think they need to hear instead of sharing your truth or how you really feel? We’ve all done it. Ignored our inner voice and joined others where they are instead of being a fully authentic beacon of light – a pathway to hope. When our ego

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Today the trees spoke to me.

Have you ever had a moment where you stopped dead in your tracks and all your senses came alive, heart fluttering as you look around to ask “what was that?”  This morning, in the crisp fall air, I was walking alone. in the forest noticing how wonderful it felt to breathe the clean, fresh air, to feel

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