August 7, 2023

August 7, 2023 I Cannot be Unchanged by the Events Life Gives Me

So often in life we allow our circumstances to define us.  I think for many of us we unintentionally fall into being a victim or a survivor; a warrior or a target. External forces often push to shape us this way but we must remember that what we live through does not define us.  Does it shape us? Absolutely. Ultimately, we determine our alignment and our resonance/frequency. Undoubtedly, this takes patience and space to unwind our experiences, filter our feelings and sort our thoughts. It takes courage to release the internal narrative that keeps us stuck in the story of the events or circumstances and to instead embrace the idea that whatever this was, was an experience and nothing more.  You see, things only have the meaning that we choose to attach to them. Our power lies in our choice to evolve through our experiences instead of being held captive by them.This week, we are encouraged to reflect on our experiences and acknowledge where we are evolving through our experiences and where we are being defined by them. This is deep and meaningful heartwork. But, where do we start? When I am honoring an experience I use gratitude as a gateway to this practice. I ask myself what have I learned about life, love, relationships, health through this experience? How can I use my experience to inspire or help others? Am I being defined or am I being shaped? In my life, am I a victim or a victor? Ultimately, what do I choose to focus on? Where focus goes, energy flows!These are just a few questions to get us started on our own path to alignment with the truth of our being. The journey will be as unique as we each are…and we will all find our way in our own time. Be gentle. Be patient. Be real. It’s all about you and your greater good.
Xo Juli

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