August 21, 2023

August 21, 2023 BLESSON

Shit happens.


None of us are exempt from going through shit in our lives. Yours is gonna look different than mine, but it’s still shit.

There is beauty in the shit, though. Gifts. Opportunities. 

Or what I call Blessons.

Have you ever spread manure in your garden before to fertilize your plants or vegetables? What happens? The plants pull out the good nutrients, the by-products of breakdown and use the waste to grow and bloom; to provide beauty to our gardens, food for our bodies or medicine for our health. 

The shit matters.  

It’s part of the growth process.

I’ll be the first to admit that finding the Blesson isn’t always easy. However, it is always there…we just have to look for it. When the Blesson doesn’t appear naturally, I like to ask myself “What am I learning about myself, life, love, relationships or my health through this experience?” This question leads me to discover the area of my life that is being changed or transformed.  From here it becomes easier to navigate, acknowledge and then express gratitude for the shit – gratitude for the growth.

Just as the flowers, vegetables and weeds, we can grow through the shit to find the light.

We can rise from the hard that comes our way.

This week we are encouraged to look for our Blessons, acknowledge our growth and in the end, THANK the shit.

We are better for it anyway.


Xo Juli

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